nutrients for adventure


What did you take along to fuel your last outdoor adventure? If you’re like most hikers, climbers, adventurers, paddlers, or extreme sports enthusiasts you probably didn’t think too much about it. How ironic that we spend hours researching, selecting, and organizing the best gear, but choose fuel for our high octane bodies with little consideration? After many years of adventure vacations I believe I have found "the secret" to easier training, better performance, and quicker recoveries. I know it has made my training, endurance, and recovery easier. The secret to the fueling, flourishing, and flushing lies just ahead for any curious adventurer.

Are you looking for an edge while preparing for your next adventure? If so, contact me for a free adventure health assessment. You might be surprised what you can do to enhance your next adventure!

Check back regularly for details of my upcoming book release late this Spring.

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To show adventurists how to achieve better fitness, performance, and recovery through nutrition